Insurance is not about winning – it’s about not losing

Able Auto and Cycle can help you with insurance in Asheville, Myrtle Beach or Winston Salem. They understand the risks you face and the consequences of losing everything. They know where to find affordable insurance that will protect your financial interests should misfortune knock on your door. Now you might think insurance is a bit like gambling, but that is not true. You see, you never know when a disaster might strike. And bad things don’t just happen to other people.

Insurance and gambling have some things in common – but apart from those few things they are worlds apart. They both deal with risk and probabilities and employ advanced and sophisticated statistical and mathematical models to ensure they never lose.  In the case of gambling, the house will never lose over time. In the case of insurance, the carrier won’t lose over time. The big difference from a consumer perspective is that with gambling you might win (small chance), but you will likely lose (big chance). With insurance, you won’t win, but you also won’t lose everything.

The risk of losing everything is real. You face many threats and risks every day. These risks can cause damage to property and to your person. For example, a flood could destroy your home. If you don’t have flood insurance, you could lose everything. The same applies to other risks such as fire, accidents, theft, civil unrest, terrorism and more. Insurance by its nature is a risk management tool. Life insurance aside, nobody gets rich from insurance. You won’t get more than you home is worth, or your car is worth.

On the other hand, the risk of losing everything is real and when that happens your life as you know it, is over – unless you have proper insurance.  For a few dollars a month, you can protect your financial interests should the wheels come off. That is the benefit of insurance.