Best value car insurance for your risk profile

You might think car insurance, is well, car insurance. Like six of the one, half a dozen of the other. But that is not quite true. Insurance, be it car insurance or home insurance or any other type of insurance, is a risk management tool. And who understands your risks better than a local independent agent? If you want insurance that covers your real risks in Columbia, Florence, Sumter SC, then you should consult with a local agent such as Able Auto & Cycle. They can help you with all your insurance requirements, including car insurance. They will ensure you get best value auto insurance.

As a car owner and driver, you face specific risks. Now if you only drive your car once a week to the mall and back, you face different risks from the sales person who is out on the road driving highways and byways every day. If your car is equipped with anti-theft devices and parked in a garage every night, the risk of theft is less than for someone who does not have anit0theft devices and whose car is parked on the street every night.

Auto insurance is about risk. From your perspective, it is about your risks and your potential losses. That means you will want to cover yourself in the event of an accident that results in damage or injury to others. So, if you accidently backup and crash into the car behind you, you want to be covered. But if you have not had a flood in 100 years you might question the wisdom of ensuring your car for flood damage. So, you want your car insurance to cover your real risks and potential losses. These might include liability cover and collision cover and possibly comprehensive cover.

From an insurer’s perspective, you have a risk profile that influences how much you pay for your car insurance.  The lower your risk profile, the cheaper your car insurance.