Vital facts about auto insurance policies

It is everyone’s dream to purchase a car of their choice but it is equally important in getting it insured as well. We at Able Auto & Cycle offer a wide range of auto insurance plans and policies to cater the variegated needs of the different customers. By choosing our plans you can enjoy utmost protection while on the road along with the ultimate peace of mind when you are behind the wheel. Our service areas include in and around Florence, Hartsville, Myrtle Beach, Sumter and Winston Salem.

Why choose Able Auto & Cycle?

When you choose a car insurance plan from us you can enjoy the following benefits namely,

  • If you are caught up in an accident and inform us from the scene we will arrange repairs and transportation for you
  • Our policies will help in erasing some of your financial worries. We offer accident free protection and with this cover there will not be any increase in the car insurance premium because of the first at-fault accident
  • You can avoid unforeseen expenses. This way you will not require paying any deductible despite being at fault
  • It will act as a worry free choice. Our insurance policies will offer coverage in situations where your car is stolen or breaks down or is off the way following any covered accident. All these facilities have been bundled in one package to help you save money
  • Besides the other advantages which you can enjoy with us include dedicated customer care, exceptional extended coverages, smart services and discounts and commitment to our customer’s claim service satisfaction

If you any queries and questions pertaining to what exactly our insurance plans can cover then simply dial our customer care number or drop us a mail. We will revert back to you shortly.